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Denali Wilderness Lodge

"This was bush flying at its finest. We swooped into a valley...squeezed through low passes...and over the main tongue of the Yanert Glacier curved in graceful sets of black-and-white strips...and set down on a 2800-foot-long gravel air strip in front of the lodge."

- Northwest Travel


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Getting to the Lodge

   The only way to get to Denali Wilderness Lodge is by bush plane, an exciting adventure in itself. This breathtaking flight traverses the peaks and valleys of the impressive Mt. Deborah region of the Alaska Range and soars over the habitat of moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and bear. And it is just the beginning of the real Alaska experience.

Travel Options

   Most guests choose to fly to the lodge from our airstrip located near the Denali National Park entrance (we provide a courtesy van shuttle from Park entrance area hotels or train depot to our airstrip). You may get to Denali National Park by rental car, private vehicle, the Alaska Railroad, or via shuttle bus. Some guests choose to fly directly to the lodge from Fairbanks, a slightly longer route.

Can you be flexible?

    Here in wilderness Alaska, flying is a way of life and we have a deep respect for the elements. Because we will not put you at risk, your schedule may be. That means if the weather isn't clear enough to fly safely, your flight will be delayed. Although fewer than 5% of our guests have to alter their schedule because of weather delays, it is prudent to expect the unexpected. We strongly recommend that you allow extra time between critical connections and Denali Wilderness Lodge.


    When we say remote, we mean really remote. Treat yourself to the luxury of time away from the hectic pace and distractions of modern life. While we do have electricity, there are no phones, TVs, or radios to disturb your stay at Denali Wilderness Lodge. Cell phones, pagers and e-mail can't pester you here. A satellite phone is available for emergencies only.


    Luggage is limited to 35 pounds per person.
Complimentary storage facilities for excess luggage are available at our office in the Denali Park entrance area.

Park Entrance Accommodations

We highly recommend a stay at Denali Cabins (Toll-free 888-560-2489 or 907-683-2643) before or after your lodge visit. Located just south of the Park entrance, Denali Cabins offers an excellent location, comfortable accommodations, outdoor hot tubs, and friendly staff.



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